How Building Blocks Works

He Whiria

He Whiria (the braiding weave) is a process we recommend supporting you to get the most out of weaving your Building Blocks journey.

How Building Blocks Works

Getting started - prepare to weave.

• Familiarise yourself with Building Blocks for Hauora and how it works
• Complete the Building Blocks for Hauora Commitment and sign up to access the online tool
• Appoint your Building Blocks Leader and become familiar with the Building Blocks for Hauora online tool.
Who does what

Step 1.

Involve your early learning service community

Raise awareness with your early learning service community about Building Blocks for Hauora and health and wellbeing. Adopt a whole-service approach by:

  • Connecting with staff, whānau/families and tamariki
  • Weaving in their values and aspirations
  • Involving them along the way
  • Including them in various activities and acknowledging their contributions.



Community involvement

Step 2.

Identify your needs

This step is about identifying the health and wellbeing priorities of your early learning service (ELS)

  • Each block has an accompanying block checklist, which contains all the essential elements required to create a healthy environment at your ELS.
  • Complete the checklists for all or a selected number of blocks to assess what you are already doing.
  • You may already know which block you want to focus on first, or you might want to complete all block checklists to get an overall snapshot before deciding what to focus on.
  • You may select one or more block, it’s entirely up to your needs, time and available resources.


Step 3.

Start Weaving

This step is about working through the block checklists at your own pace, planning and implementing how you are going to weave in the various aspects of each block into your early learning service so you can achieve each criteria.


Handy Hint Icon

Click this symbol each time you see it to reveal handy hints and resources to help you.

  • Additional handy actions can be selected to add value and help you get your community involved.
  • Optional evidence (photos, learning stories, policies, etc.) can be uploaded to document  your achievements. Although not required, it will create a portfolio of evidence you can use towards ERO, staff appraisals and Certificated Teachers’ evidence portfolios.
  • Remember to celebrate and keep your community informed as you achieve milestones.



Step 4.

Reflect on your weaving

This step is about applying for the block award and reflecting on your weaving journey within the block(s).

  • When you’ve completed a block, you will be prompted to complete a Block Reflection Questionnaire.
  • You’ll then be ready to submit your block for an advisor to review.
  • Your award certificate will be released to print and share online.
  • Remember to celebrate your success by involving your whole early learning service community.
  • After you’ve achieved all the blocks, you’ll be prompted to complete an overall reflection questionnaire.

Step 5

Kia Kaha - Stay Strong
You’ve completed all the blocks… what now? The goal of Building Blocks for Hauora is to embed health and wellbeing so it becomes a part of what you do - creating changes to the culture and environment of your early learning service. Sustainable change is embedded through actions such as well written and implemented policies and practices, and the integration of health and wellbeing into strategic and annual plans, self-reviews and staff meetings. But it also needs you to be proactive to continue to ensure the Building Blocks are a part of your service’s everyday culture. Your overall Building Blocks Award will last for two years from the time the final Block was achieved. To help you ensure these practices are actively implemented, you will be prompted to review the block checklists two years after they are achieved.
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Get your ELS started with Building Blocks

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