What do Early Learning Services say about Building Blocks?

Don't just take our word that Building Blocks is a great tool for early learning services. 

Below you'll find testimonials from services who have been using Building Blocks.

Central Kids Strathmore Kindergarten

When we first started Building Blocks in 2016 we used the information provided to help us with our internal evaluation on healthy eating.  Once we gained our “Kai time” block we then looked at which blocks fitted into the needs and interests of our tamariki and their whānau.  During our journey we gained SunSmart and Breastfeeding Friendly Accreditation which is something we would not have done without the encouragement and support of the Building Blocks advisor.  What we liked about the tool was the way we could choose which “block” was meaningful to our community at that time and we could decide how fast or slow we progressed.    


The tools for Building Blocks kept us focused and provided ideas and actions to improve and change practices.  Some tools pushed boundaries and encouraged us to reflect on our policies and practices, challenging us towards critical thinking. Overall, our journey was successful as the changes have continued and become part of our everyday practices. Both professionally and personally, the teaching team changed its practices and actions towards more healthy ones. We implemented positive changes within our curriculum and established procedures resulting in improved health and wellbeing of children and some wider families.



The Building Blocks tool was very beneficial for our Kindergarten.  We were given some excellent resources to share with our tamariki and whānau and as we worked through each block we were able to reflective on things that we do well and improvements which could be made. Completing each block was not difficult or time consuming and we were able to use the tool to suit our needs and plans. Our Building Blocks Advisor has continued to support us in our well-being approach by sourcing resources for us well after we had completed the blocks. This is evidence that throughout the process we have built a meaningful relationship, and we were listened to in our efforts to support our tamariki, their whānau and our community.

“I think the biggest journey for us as a centre was the sharing with families and children and getting outside/community support. We have now set up a better parent library with information and support around a few different health areas, that way if we are asked any questions or need information ourselves, we know where we can get it.”

“A 'wellbeing wall' was created to collect health and wellbeing information that parents, and whānau could engage with or take home. These leaflets were gathered throughout the building blocks year covering a range of topics. It has gradually developed into a wall of important information.”


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