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Healthy children learn and engage better

Early learning services (ELS) are an environment where the health and wellbeing of a child can be protected, promoted and nurtured. The establishment of healthy behaviours in a child’s formative years increases the likelihood that they will become second nature and continue throughout life.

Role model healthy behaviour

Your ELS plays a pivotal role in the education, health and life of pre-school tamariki and their parents and whānau. Tamariki learn from the behaviours of those around them. Healthy behaviours can be established where community members live, learn, work and play.

Enhance your current way of working

Have you woven health and wellbeing into your desired objectives and practices, or considered this in self-review? By complementing your ELS’s existing structures and resources, Building Blocks for Hauora will add value to your current way of working.

Share and learn from others

By participating in Building Blocks for Hauora you will have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences, and learn from other early learning services.

Celebrate Success

As you complete each block, the positive contribution you make to health and wellbeing is recognised. Awards at different stages and milestones within each block will help track progress. Once the block is complete you’ll fill out a small reflection questionnaire and then be awarded your Block Sticker. Each Block Sticker contributes to your overall Building Blocks for Hauora award.
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Get your ELS started with Building Blocks

Are you ready to strengthen your whatu (binding weave)? Create an account to begin your Building Blocks journey to improve the health and wellbeing of the tamariki in your service.
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